Get YOUR OFFER Accepted!

Make sure the offer you make on this house goes straight to the front of the line with Paragon’s CASH GUARANTEE!

In this hyper-competitive market you need a secret weapon to make sure that your offer stands out above all the rest.  Get your offer to the front of the line using Paragon’s CASH GUARANTEE!

Your loan officer at Paragon Home Loans can help you quickly get FULLY APPROVED AND UNDERWRITTEN with our in-house underwriting team.  Once you are fully approved, your offer to buy a home will stand out.  A normal pre-approval letter may not win you the deal in this market, but an offer to buy that is accompanied by an actual LOAN APPROVAL and Commitment will quickly stand out among the rest of the offers.

But, it doesn’t stop there – along with that full approval we will include a CASH GUARANTEE to the seller of $5000 if the loan doesn’t close.*  This is how you can make sure that there is no risk to the seller, and no better guarantee that YOUR OFFER is the BEST OFFER they can get!

Steps to getting your FULL APPROVAL and CASH GUARANTEE:

  1. Start the process of prequalification (do any of the following):
    1. Call 610-432-0900 and ask to get prequalified, or
    2. Hit the following link to Apply Now, or
    3. email for our team to reach out to you
  2. Submit your documents
    1. Your Loan officer will typically require your Income and Asset documents.  Examples include:
      1. Your most recent 30 days paystubs
      2. Your last years W2’s
      3. 2 Months Bank Statements showing the money you’re using for down payment and closing costs
  3. Our in-house underwriting team will quickly review your file and issue their approval
  4. Once approved, we will issue your LOAN COMMITTMENT along with your CASH GUARANTEE LETTER

Another great benefit of using the program is that before you even go under contract, your mortgage application will be pre-underwritten!  The only thing left to do in order to close your loan will be the specific property related aspects such as appraisal and title report.  Because you took the action early to get underwriting approval, you’ll be able to close quickly, with no surprises, and can spend your time picking out new curtains instead of collecting loan documents.

You might be wondering what the cost of this program might be…  it’s: $0.00

We at Paragon are helping our customers and our clients get their dream home in a super competitive market by doing things above and beyond what a typical lender does.  We want to make sure that it’s your offer that wins the deal – and are using strategies to make it happen every day for our clients.

*Cash Guarantee is granted to buyers that have been fully underwritten in terms of income, asset and credit.  Loan Commitment will be issued and Paragon Home Loans Cash Guarantee terms will issue Cash Guarantee to the seller in the event that the loan does not close for any reason related to the buyers qualification as reflected in the Commitment Letter