Rates ARE going to come down. When that happens, we’re going to see a few things happen to the market:

  • buyers who have been waiting to buy will jump back into their home search….creating more competition in an already low inventory environment….and,
  • buyers who were priced out of the market simply because of higher rates will qualify again…even more buyers injected into the market!

Remember when there were multiple offers, over asking, no inspections, buyers making 4, 5, 6 and even more offers without getting into their new home? We’re going to be seeing that again very soon.

RIGHT NOW may be the best time in the next 3-4 years to buy a home, get your offer accepted, and get a home at a discount.

But when can we expect rates to come down?  When will the crazy sellers market start making a comeback?

Barry Habib, a foremost industry expert, entrepreneur, CEO of MBS Highway, and three-time winner of the Crystal Ball Award, is projecting we will see a shift start to happen on May 10th. Find out why he’s making this VERY SPECIFIC prediction! Find out why we ARE NOT in a housing bubble. Find out why “waiting for rates to come down” is actually a poor financial choice!

Help your buyers make the best financial decision – educate them on the market, what’s coming, and what that means for them as we gear up for a much more competitive market.

We at The Michael Mann Team have programs that can make buying today more affordable, helping your buyers take advantage of the leverage they have today, while still giving them the opportunity to refinance into a lower rate when rates do fall.

Learn more about these programs and how they can help your buyers and sellers today.