Did you know? When you post a picture on social media (think your BEST picture or graphic), you only reach 10-20% of your audience.

When you post a video, you reach your audience, plus a ton of people outside of your audience organically.

Social media platforms push the videos you post to people outside of your audience for free.

If you’re not posting videos, you’re missing out on huge opportunity online.

Content creator and industry expert, Neel Dhingra, breaks down exactly how to record, how to post, and how to respond to the leads that will come in as a result.

Not sure what to talk about? He gives you a formula to follow and topic ideas.

Wondering what music will work? He’ll explain trending music and how to identify which songs will grab attention.

Trying to figure out the “right” schedule for posting? He talks about what frequency is ideal (and what lower frequency still works).

Grab a pen and paper, and get your camera ready!